Which one of these logos looks the best?

Answer amost of the others look to childish, and the gothic is too hard to read.

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What is logos cia?

Although the CIA does use our taxpayer dollar to help fund their covert operations, they answer to other independent factions or powers. We, the citizens of the US, are misleadingly coursed into be... Read More »

What does logos mean in the New Testament?

Logos is a masculine noun that is converted into English from the Greek λóγος. In the New Testament, logos translates as the "word of God" or "the word made flesh." It is through Jesus Chr... Read More »

Why Are Logos Needed?

Logos have been used throughout history as a quick means to identify ownership or convey the essence of a concept. They are recognized symbols that immediately telegraph a whole host of overt and ... Read More »

What Are Metaphoric Logos?

A metaphor is a written literary device that communicates deeper meanings by connecting ideas that are often unrelated. For example giving a perpetually happy person the nickname "Susie Sunshine" i... Read More »