What does loafer mean?

Answer The term loafer has a couple of different meanings. Loafer footwear which is a type of slip-on shoe. A loafer can also refer to someone who is slacking off on the job or not doing his work.Source... Read More »

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Men's Loafer Styles?

For many men, loafers are the catch-all shoe for any occasion. Comfortable and easy to slip on, they offer a variety of styles and can be worn anywhere from a swanky restaurant to the seashore. Fir... Read More »

What is a loafer shoe?

First worn in the 1930s, the loafer is a low, leather shoe with a heel that is flat and wide. As the loafer has no buckles or laces, it is easy to step into, and is available in styles for men and ... Read More »

Who invented the penny loafer?

The loafer, as a style of shoe, was first produced by the Spalding Company in the 1930s when an article in "Esquire" magazine highlighted this convenient, slip-on type of footwear worn by Norwegian... Read More »

Who invented the penny loafer shoe?

The Spaulding Company started selling loafers in America in 1933. However, John R. Bass of Bass Shoes invented the penny loafer a few years later. Bass modified the Spaulding loafer by putting a st... Read More »

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