What does ~lmao~ stand for?

Answer laughing my a-s-s off. yeah i just found out what it was a while ago. i thought it was lameo

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What does lol and lmao stand for?

lol= laughing out loudlmao= laughing my *** off

What does "lmao" mean?

Laughing my a*s off. Go to the following link to learn more abbreviations.

What does"LMAO"mean?

LMAO is an acronym used in computer communication. It is meant to express the idea of an individual laughing heartily. The acronym stands for "Laughing My A** Off", or "Laugh My A** Off".Source:Co... Read More »

LMAO..what will they think of next!!?

I've actually heard good things about the nose frida though thankfully, we haven't had a lot of snot to deal with, so I haven't tried it. It does LOOK ridiculous though.The only other one I would ... Read More »