What does live axle mean?

Answer "Live" axles are solid beam axles that contain a differential, gears and axle-shafts for transferring power from a driveshaft to the wheels. "Dead" axles are just solid bars that connect two wheels... Read More »

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What does"I won't live a lie"mean?

"Living a lie" means to live a life pretending you are someone or something you are not. "I won't live a lie" means I refuse to live in a dishonest way, I refuse to lie about who I am and I want to... Read More »

What does a live birth certificate mean?

A U.S. standard certificate of live birth is a birth certificate that verifies that the fetus shows signs of life after complete expulsion or extraction. The definition of "live birth" as adopted b... Read More »

What does it mean to live in a subsistence level?

The phrase "subsistence level" refers to the minimal requirements necessary to meet physical needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and medical care in the case of an emergency. Many people in the ... Read More »

How to Change an Axle Shaft in a Dana Axle?

The axle shaft is located inside the axle, and connects to gears inside the differential and transmits power to your wheels. The axle shaft endures stress and torque. If it fails, you will need to... Read More »