What does listed as a fleet vehicle mean?

Answer The designation "fleet vehicle" can mean many different things. It can be a vehicle titled in a company's name and used by an employee, a rental agency's car, a bank-owned automobile driven by a pr... Read More »

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If a driver in the household is not listed on the insurance on a vehicle can they drive that vehicle if they are given permission by the insured?

Answer For New York, I think the answer is yes, *legally*, but a "driver in the household not listed on the insurance" is wrong contractually with your insurance company. I am trying to research ... Read More »

Would I be covered on a business fleet insurance policy if I am not listed as a driver?

In terms of Auto Liability...this depends....1. Does the policy excluded unscheduled drivers? If so, no coverage for you.2. Did you have permission to use the vehicle? If not, no coverage for you.I... Read More »

What is a fleet vehicle?

Businesses basically have two budgets, capital and operating. Operating budgets pay for the day-to-day operations of the business. Capital expenses cover, among other things, structures, computer e... Read More »

How to Buy a Used Fleet Vehicle?

When a fleet vehicle is retired by a car rental company or other fleet owner, the vehicles are often sold at a low price to move them quickly. However, buyers of fleet vehicles need to be careful t... Read More »