What does limited liability mean to corporations?

Answer In 1977, Wyoming became the first state in America to allow businesses to organize as limited liability corporations or companies. Since then, all states have followed suit and, as a result, busine... Read More »

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What is the difference between a limited liability corporation&a limited liability partnership?

A limited liability partnership (LLP) and a limited liability company (LLC) contain elements of a general partnership combined with liability protection for the business owners. In states like Cali... Read More »

What type of liability should a game shop have Unlimited or limited liability?

Get what you can afford. If it is limited, talk to the agent about what would be considered a safe amount.

What is the price range for liability insurance for corporations seeking 2 million dollars in coverage?

That all depends. What type of corporation? What is your risk exposure? What is your loss history. There is not enough information to answer. Could be 100 dollars or could cost you a million dollars.

What is an limited liability company?

A limited liability company (or LLC) is a business entity which joins various aspects of corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorship. LLCs are structured by state law, so the company must fo... Read More »