Who does Lilly Truscott like on the show Hannah Montana?

Answer Yes, the real question is : Is barney really purple?

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What is the meaning of the name Lilly?

The name "Lilly" is an Old English form of the Latin "Lily." Lily is one of the oldest flower names and it came to symbolize purity. The name Lily was first used in Rome.References:Baby Names Worl... Read More »

What causes orange spots on peace lilly leaves?

The orange spots are caused from lack of water. This is one house plant you almost can NOT over water.

How to Care for a Peace Lilly?

Peace lilies clean the air in your home, even homes with volatile organic compounds or VOCs, according to NASA. When plants were introduced into the space agency's BioHome, a sealed building made o... Read More »

How do I transplant lilly of the valley?

When to TransplantTransplant the lily of the valley in the spring or the fall. Water the plant enough to keep the soil moist, starting two days before the transplant.RemovingDig deep enough into th... Read More »