What does life line mean?

Answer Originally, a life line was a rope tied to the dock or ship that was thrown to save a drowning man. However, it now also refers to a strategy or supplies used to rescue a person, group or business ... Read More »

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What does star life cycle mean?

Stars go through multiple stages from creation to "death." The phases of a star's life cycle are protostar, fusion ignition, main sequence, red giant or super giant and white dwarf or black hole. W... Read More »

What does the acronym CNA mean in life insurance?

CNA refers to a large insurance corporation headquartered in Chicago. According to the company, CNA is the seventh-largest commercial insurer in the United States. CNA has been in business since 18... Read More »

What does true group mean in the life insurance companies?

According to a writer at All Business, a true group plan is a corporate life insurance plan in which all employees of a business are accepted into the plan regardless of their physical condition. T... Read More »

What does only the disability waiver of premium under basic life insurance coverage will remain in force mean?

Although international travel insurance is not required by law it is very necessary. Travel insurance protects the travelor from any unforseen eventuality such as medical emergencies, cost of persc... Read More »