What does *lick* mean?

Answer well if you're talking about if someone said that to you over the internet then it's a cyber lick

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How did the towns of Beaver Lick and Big Bone Lick in Montana USA get their names?

Anuk Creek, in Manitoba..."Moose Shitz Creek" sans paddle...Don't forget Larry Bird's hometown, French Lick Indiana...The very best in America...To Hell You Ride, Colorado...

What does"hittin'a lick"mean?

The expression "hittin' a lick" means committing either robbery or burglary. In the case of Jacque Johnson v. State of Indiana, the defendant mentioned a discussion about "hitting a lick," or robbi... Read More »

How to Lick Your Elbow?

First of all, it helps to have a long tongue, or a short upper arm will do the trick. This is the easiest way to lick your elbow... the more advanced way is to just prop your arm up, bent, near you... Read More »

I have 500 envelopes..but don't want to lick them all.....?

Either try a sponge or use a glue stick.Cheers!