What does lego mean in danish?

Answer Founded in Denmark by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932, Legos got their name from combining the Danish word's "LEg GOdt," which translates to "play well." It's discovered later that the word "Lego" tra... Read More »

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How to Get Blue LEGO Bricks on My Lego Network?

"My LEGO Network" is a game and social networking site designed for children. Players can design their own Web page, interact with friends and trade items with other users. In "MLN," users collect ... Read More »

How to Say Hello in Danish?

Ever wanted to greet a Dane with their own language? Or perhaps you are going to Denmark, and you wish to communicate in their native tongue. Or, you just want to impress your friends! Here are the... Read More »

How to Count to 10 in Danish?

Danish is the official language of the Kingdom of Denmark (Det Danske Kongerige). Here is how you count to ten in danish (in parenthesis is written how you would pronounce it, not excact):

Is Danish a language?

Danish is recognized as the official language of Denmark. It is spoken by more than 6 million people, of which 5 million are in Denmark. Danish is also spoken in other locations, such as Germany, t... Read More »