Is a legitimate website performing a legitimate service or is it a scam?

Answer They are a trading assistant on ebay. I would still use caution.

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Does this website look legitimate?

Toooooooo scared to check it out! I'll just take your word for it! If it looks 'fishy' to you, DON'T! Try AVG,or Avast,& Spybot Search & Destroy. Say No, to Norton/Symantec, and Mcafee,(just trust ... Read More »

Does Obama have a legitimate American birth certificate?

Yes, President Barack Obama has a legitimate American birth certificate. It was issued by the State of Hawaii and has been verified by the State Department of Health and Obama was bo... Read More »

Since when does pushing dirt around count as legitimate exercise?

It's how God created man.Are you questioning God?!?

Does anyone knows if a legitimate website or is it a scam site?

I have bought on the 9th of November 2007 two laptops and sent by Western Union 1225$> I have never heard from since. I sent may emails and no answer. I did the stupid thing but ... Read More »