What does leaking a clear fluid from the vagina mean?

Answer That is your vagina's natural lubricant, and it's also the vagina's way of cleansing itself.

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At 7months pregnant your breasts are leaking a clear fluid is that normal?

Yes it is, don't wipe it off when you notice it, rub it in, it serves as natural moisturizer to help prevent sore or cracked nipples.

If you had unprotected sexual intercourse about two weeks ago and now have a clear fluid leaking from your breasts does this mean you are pregnant?

Answer Possibly. But some women have that occasionally during PMS. You should wait until you are late for your period and take a home test. If you don't want to wait that long, then go see a doc... Read More »

Is it effective when girl washed her vagina with soap after the intercourse but all the guy did was rub his penis on her vagina and didn't know when seminal fluid came out?

My vagina is leaking!!!!!!!?

Sounds like cervical fluid, which is perfectly normal around 2 weeks from getting your period. If you were trying to get pregnant, this is something you'd really want!! The watery cervical fluid al... Read More »