What does labour pain feel like?

Answer long peircing cramps that last for a 1 or2 mins and its ahppens in ur back and lower part OS ur stomache if ur wasnt broken yet don't worry whentheir close go to the hospital

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Do you feel sick with first signs of labour?

Yes, many people feel sick at the beginning and throughout labour

Pain and discomfort in bowels. Am I going into labour?

Aw...congrats, Em! Anal babby pregnancies are quite rare indeed! Let's have an online babby shower for ya, I'll host!

Could I be in labour as I have had back ache and stomach pain all night?

My father is dead i miss him, i feel so sad i feel pain in my heart from sadness?

That's really sad. I had cancer 10 years ago and almost died when my boys were only 1 and 3. I'm so glad I survived to see them older.Best luck, and I'll pray for you.