What does kimchi/kim chee go good with I just got a big container and I like it!?

Answer seriously -- put it on a hamburger; turns it into a kim chee burger.just replace the lettuce with kim chee and cut back some of the mayo and it's awesome -- it adds a nice spicy tang and a nice cru... Read More »

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What kinds of vegetables are good for container gardening?

Tomatoes for sure. With the right type of support, string beans, squashes, cukes can be grown. Root vegs. carrots, beets, turnips, (baby turnips are so good to eat raw. ) If you have the room a... Read More »

How long does water stay good in an Army container?

The most popular type of Army water container is the canteen. Metal canteens keep water fresh for up to 24 hours. Plastic containers, on the other hand, keep water safe for about 72 hours.Source:Ar... Read More »

Storing Hatorade (Vodka + gatorade) in a plastic, sealed air tight container. Am I good?

haha my friend calls that **** "Faderade" and that's exactly what it does to me...but sorry, I can't answer the rest of your question lol

Are there any good ways to remove the coffee smell from a plastic coffee container?

Don't use bleach. Even though it may get rid of the coffee smell, you will have a nasty bleach smell in the plastic! (Been there, done that!) Vinegar will work as it cuts the natural oils in the ... Read More »