What does keeping it on the QT mean?

Answer The term "QT" is an abbreviation for quiet. When someone says "Keep it on the QT," he means keep it quiet, or keep it a secret. A similar phrase is "Keep it on the DL" (down low).Source:Using Engli... Read More »

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Are you keeping an eye on me?

Trying to but you're not making it easy! ;-p

Have you ever put something in your bra for safe keeping?

My lip ring during a Queens of the stone age concert!!

My furnace isn't keeping up?

Check:The filtersBurners - clean (Make sure the Propane and power is turned off before doing this.)

What does"keeping up with the Joneses"mean?

"Keeping up with the Joneses" means to match your neighbors in spending, acquiring possessions and social status. The expression began with a comic strip by Arthur Momand called "Keep Up With the J... Read More »