What does keeping it on the QT mean?

Answer The term "QT" is an abbreviation for quiet. When someone says "Keep it on the QT," he means keep it quiet, or keep it a secret. A similar phrase is "Keep it on the DL" (down low).Source:Using Engli... Read More »

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What does"keeping up with the Joneses"mean?

"Keeping up with the Joneses" means to match your neighbors in spending, acquiring possessions and social status. The expression began with a comic strip by Arthur Momand called "Keep Up With the J... Read More »

Does"Keeping Up Appearances"use laugh tracks?

"Keeping Up Appearances," the popular British sitcom that aired on the BBC from 1990 to 1995, does use a prerecorded laugh track, according to DVD Bits in a summary of the first two seasons of the ... Read More »

Does keeping a battery in the refrigerator extend its life?

Answer yesThis answer is not correct. Please note accompanying discussion and the associated hyperlink to a science fair study. Dea. Steve Johnson

Does keeping batteries in the freezer really save life?

Yes, your freezer is not the Arctic. The cold slows the natural discharge.