What does karate mean in English?

Answer Karate is a Japanese word that describes an ages-old martial art. The word consists of two Japanese characters. The first, kara, means "empty." The second, te, means "hand." Therefore, the word kar... Read More »

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Is an English-to-English only dump of Wiktionary available (with all non-English entries removed)?

Probably not. And with about a million English entries I doubt a portable device could take even half.~

How to Act Like You Know Karate?

This is an article about faking martial arts mastery. It will take you through a flying kick.

How to Become a Karate Teacher?

Who was your teacher? Did you just run down a list of them in your mind? More precisely; who was "your" teacher? Now you have probably narrowed it down to someone for whom you have great respect. I... Read More »

How to Karate Chop?

Can your friend chop a piece of wood that you can't? Did you ever imagine yourself chopping a brick in half? Following these steps, you can get into the famous karate move, the karate chop!