Do you have to use karaoke cds with karaoke machines?

Answer Karaoke machines are compact disc (CD) players which have a graphic output function that displays the lyrics of the songs played. You can connect a karaoke player to your television or monitor, but... Read More »

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Is an English-to-English only dump of Wiktionary available (with all non-English entries removed)?

Probably not. And with about a million English entries I doubt a portable device could take even half.~

What Is Karaoke CDG?

A CD+G, or "compact disc plus graphics," is a specific type of audio compact disc that allows you to store text and graphics data along with audio data. The discs play on specific CD+G players and ... Read More »

What is CDG karaoke?

The term CDG or CD+G when added to karaoke means "compact disc plus graphics". The disc not only plays the music but has a track to display the lyrics against a blue background.Playing a CDG DiscYo... Read More »

How to Be a Karaoke DJ?

A karaoke DJ business can be operated from your home, and there are few prerequisites that need to be met in order to become successful in this industry. Potentially, karaoke events can be organize... Read More »