What does kangaroo taste like how is it served?

Answer It is dark like beef, a bit tough if over cooked, the meat is from the tail and hunch area mostly, in Singapore we had it on the fine dining menu along with crocodile, ostrich and emu, if you marin... Read More »

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Why is it coffee doesn't taste good served at home?

Not true. You can prepare coffee, tea and some cool drinks better than any source you get from. Actually coffee and tea taste not so good at many places.

My little nephew loves Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Should I serve kangaroo meat at his birthday party?

If he likes kangaroos, why not give him a jumper ?

Miller® Lite has the Taste Protector Lid™. So my question is, why protect the taste of schitt?

Thats a very good question, my friend works for Miller and I cant wait to show him this

Soda taste and junk food taste! Pleas help?

I'm sorry, but I fail to understand just why you can't get rid of junk food in your house. if it's there, you will eat it -- so get rid of it already! It shouldn't surprise you that the manufactur... Read More »