What does kangaroo taste like how is it served?

Answer It is dark like beef, a bit tough if over cooked, the meat is from the tail and hunch area mostly, in Singapore we had it on the fine dining menu along with crocodile, ostrich and emu, if you marin... Read More »

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What does Rösti taste like?

Rösti is crunchy on top and quite soft on the bottom. It tatse quite patatoey and under the thin dry crust is the quite moist center. There may be additional taste if the rösti isn't plane ( for ... Read More »

What does corn taste like?

What does pussy taste like. ?

Give it a try...she will probably thank you too...

What does bok choy taste like?

Bok choy is a Chinese cabbage that doesn't taste quite like the round European cabbage most people are familiar with. The stalk tastes a bit like a combination of celery and Swiss chard. The leafy ... Read More »