What does it mean to right justify?

Answer To right justify means to align text to the right-hand margin. It is often done to Microsoft Word documents, and there is a button on the format toolbar that allows you to easily right justify text... Read More »

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How do you justify vegetarianism How do you justify eating meat?

Meat is loaded with protein, B vitamins, and iron, which are pretty much lacking in veggies. In fact, the iron in veggies is of poorer quality, and veggies have other substances, such as oxalic aci... Read More »

What does a police officer need to justify a search warrant?

According to Utah State Courts, police officers need to show an affidavit of probable cause to justify a search warrant. A neutral judge reviews the affidavit to determine whether it contains subst... Read More »

Does the Web ever justify its existence?

Ah, that is amazing!One of the most touching things I ever witnessed was when my brother Quinn worked at a facility for mostly terminally-ill children, and children with special needs. There was o... Read More »

Is there a particular age in which quality of life does not justify survival?

There is no set "age" at which people become old. Old age is a state of mind. We all know people who die of old age in their early 70's (my dad for one) and people that live into their 90's full ... Read More »