Is it ever justifiable to forge your mother's signature?

Answer No.

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Justifiable Reasons to Nullify an Accident Settlement Agreement?

Accident settlement agreements are like any other settlement agreements--they're agreements between two parties that set forth certain terms in order to avoid a lengthy lawsuit. Most cases end up i... Read More »

Do you think that major closures of the UK rail network are justifiable over Christmas?

Network Rail really don't respect peoples Christmas do they, but what a complete mess that they could even estimate the work correctly? Is the company run by buffoon's or clowns?ps. Too many mild a... Read More »

Is it justifiable to be reading books on abusive men visiting abuse websites watching talk shows where the topic is abuse when things are going well as opposed to when the abuser is raging?

Answer It's not a good idea to even entertain the thought of staying with an abusive man. Why are you bothering with all of the books and other efforts? RUN!