What does"establish justice"mean in the Preamble?

Answer The term "establish justice" refers in part to the act of setting up a court system. It also refers to the importance of setting up a fair system of laws and courts, so that all people are treated ... Read More »

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What does equal justice under the law mean?

The phrase "equal justice under the law" is a common philosophical notion used to indicate a goal of fairness in the United States courts for all residents in a bias-free and culturally sensitive m... Read More »

What does stow mean in the criminal justice system?

Criminal law rarely employs the word 'stow'. The legal definition is essentially the same as the dictionary definition. According to the legal dictionary, lawyers use "stow" as a synonym for deposi... Read More »

What do the scales of justice mean?

The Scales of Justice is a legal term that means the fair and equal representation of the law. This representation should be free from prejudice, favor, greed or corruption.Lady JusticeJustice is s... Read More »

What does Lady Justice symbolize?

Lady Justice carries a sword that represents truth and justice. She dons a blindfold to show that she cannot be influenced or corrupted by prejudice. Her scales show how her justice is impartial. O... Read More »