What does joint petition mean?

Answer A joint petition is a type of legal action in a divorce proceeding in which both parties mutually agree to the same terms. For example, both the husband and wife want to dissolve a marriage due to ... Read More »

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What does freedom of petition mean?

The right to appeal directly to the government was one of the issues of the American Revolution. The American patriots fought long and hard for the freedom of petition.IdentificationFreedom of peti... Read More »

What does heirs-at-law for a petition mean?

The term heir-at-law in regard to a petition of a will refers to the person who has been granted all of the rights to property, money and material possessions after the death of the holder of the w... Read More »

What does petition title mean?

A petition title labels the body of a petition in an understandable and simple heading. The petition title consists of a brief sentence that outlines the subject matter and represents the group of ... Read More »

What does the''right to petition''mean?

The right to petition means that a person has the right to complain to the government, the President, or state legislators and cannot be punished for voicing a complaint. It gives people in lesser ... Read More »