What does John mean?

Answer A common first and last name in the United States, the male name John is Hebrew in origin and means "God's grace." It has many forms in different languages, including Ewan, Gian, Ivan, Jon, Sean, ... Read More »

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What does"vested"in a John Hancock 401(k) mean?

With all investment funds, including a John Hancock 401(k), the term “vested” refers to percent of ownership. Generally, all funds that you contribute as an individual vest immediately at 100%... Read More »

What does a John Deere 540 skidder weigh?

A skidder is a large, heavy vehicle used to pull freshly cut trees out of the forest. According to the John Deere Web site, the 540 skidder's operating weight is 22,780 lbs.Source:John Deere Forest... Read More »

What Type of Oil Does a 2000 John Deere 650 Use?

Taking proper care of your tractor's engine is essential to maintaining a properly working engine that will last and have few complications. The 200 John Deere T280 has a Yanmar T280 engine and req... Read More »

What does a John Deere Gator 4x2 weigh?

The John Deere Gator 4x2 utility vehicle comes in four styles. The CX model weighs 687 lbs. including fuel and fluids. The TE electric version weighs 1,302 lbs. with batteries. The TS model weighs ... Read More »