What does se mean in French?

Answer The word "se" in French is a pronoun used in a sentence. "Se" refers to oneself, himself, itself or herself depending on the noun and verb preceding. The pronoun is abbreviated as "s' " if it is pl... Read More »

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What does"ce"mean in French?

The French word "ce" is a demonstrative adjective that introduces masculine singular nouns that start with consonants, such as "ce stylo" for "this pen." When introducing words that start with "h" ... Read More »

What does the French word'touché'mean?

The word "touché" derives from the Latin word for touch. "Touché" is exclaimed in a fencing match when one competitor touches the other with his blade, which indicates he has scored. The phrase h... Read More »

What does Sylvestre mean in French?

The male name Sylvestre is commonly used in France and is from the Latin meaning "man of the woods." The literal meaning in French is "sylvan" or "relating to the woods." The name is becomes Sylves... Read More »

What does druide mean in French?

The French word "druide" means "druid" in English. Druids were pagan priests among the Celts in ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland. Druids are best known for their link to Stonehenge, in the United ... Read More »