Java, what does this mean?

Answer Integer.parseInt means to convert (mostly some string) into an integer. So this is an input statement:It means that you input a value, than value is converted into an integer and the stored into th... Read More »

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What does Error 150 mean on Java?

What are you trying to do when you get this error

Does the Java Virtual Machine Make Java More or Less Secure From a System Security Perspective?

The Java virtual machine is a computer simulated in software. When you run a Java program, your computer runs the virtual machine and the virtual machine runs the program. The design of the Java vi... Read More »

What does this do in java?

You mean this line?public payback () {That's called the constructor. Obviously, you asked this question, which is based on OOP, and yet doesn't know what is it or what it do. The constructor is a m... Read More »

My JAVA keeps crashing and I cannot use any Java site. PLEASE HELP!?

I always update browser's and Flash Player and lots of other stuff at FileHippo. I updated Java today, and have had no problems: this helps.