What does jailbreak the iPhone mean?

Answer Jailbreaking an iPhone requires that you change or alter the mobile operating system of the cell phone to use it beyond the original intent and purpose of the wireless carrier and manufacturer.Lock... Read More »

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What does it mean to jailbreak an iPhone 3G?

According to Apple iPhone Reviewer, jailbreaking means to hack an iPhone to free it from Apple's limitations. With a jailbroken iPhone, you are able to install third-party applications, multi-task,... Read More »

What does it mean to "jailbreak an ipod touch/iphone"?

I'm cutting and pasting an answer I said to another question that was exactly the same... Also since you're getting an ipod touch soon keep in mind the new ones are 2nd generation and they cannot b... Read More »

What does iphone 4 jailbreak do?

How to Jailbreak an iPhone/iPod with GreenPoison Jailbreak?

Note: GreenPoison Jailbreak will work on IOS 4.1 firmware only.