What does it take to become a biology teacher?

Answer Biology teachers lead classes in the study of life and living organisms. Teachers at the high school and junior high school level need to have the right combination of interest, attributes, educati... Read More »

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How to Become a Biology Teacher in Texas?

With more than 8,000 public and charter schools in the state of Texas, teaching jobs can be difficult for the administrators in Texas' 1,200 school districts to fill. If you think you would find te... Read More »

Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution?

In 2000, Jonathan Wells, an advocate of creationism and intelligent design, wrote the book "Icons of Evolution," in which he criticizes the teaching of the theory of evolution. He identifies what h... Read More »

How much does a high school biology teacher earn?

The salary of a biology teacher varies from state to state and from district to district. The average high school salary in the year 2011 is $50,000 a year, while the starting salary is $32,000 a y... Read More »

My daughter challenged her biology teacher... and now she's been punished. Do you think this was right?

I can understand why the teacher would be upset, but I think punishment is going a little too far. I'd be equally concerned and put off if someone were to attempt to source the bible during a legit... Read More »