What does it take to be on wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is supposed to be verifiable: there should be a source for most non-obvious statements. This is an official policy: < >.From that policy follows a guideline of "notab... Read More »

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Why does my QR code take me to wikipedia?

Does Wikipedia take/make their own images?

Do they make their own images? Sure they do! I've seen more than one instance where they've had a staff member draw something in order to illustrate a point. They usually do it to avoid copyright i... Read More »

On average, how long does it take for a new editor to get burned by the Wikipedia community?

How much space does the whole of the wikipedia database take..i mean like in GB or TB?

No easy answer for this question, sorry.... Wikipedia is a moving target, and it's difficult to pin it down long enough to collect this sort of information.The latest complete database dump of the... Read More »