What does the middle number stand for in your Social Security number?

Answer The middle two digits of the Social Security number is the group number. These two digits range from 01-99. The numbers are not assigned consecutively; states are issued odd numbers first and when ... Read More »

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When recruitment fails and the Board does not have the minimum number of members required per bylaws can the Board function and take actions?

Generally, your governing documents will state the minimum number of board members, and may also indicate that existing board members continue to serve on the board after the expiry of their term, ... Read More »

What mission number did NASA take a slinky into space?

What is the number of hours it will take my plumber to install a new kitchen sink?

It takes 4 to 6 hours to install a new kitchen sink. This includes laying out the sink's position and cutting a hole for it in the countertop as well as connecting all the plumbing so that it funct... Read More »

What does it mean on my caller ID when the name & number come up as 0 (name) & 0 (number?

You can block your number going out. The last I recall you hit #67. This keeps the receiving party from seeing your number.