How to Take Action to Be a Patriotic Christian?

Answer A patriot is an individual who shows love of and/or devotion to the best that one's country can be: the word comes from the Latin patria, and Greek patris, πατρίς . [1] Realize th... Read More »

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What does the Christian symbol IHS mean?

According to Fish Eaters, the monogram IHS stands for "IHESUS," and is the way Jesus Christ's name was spelled during the Middle Ages. It dates back to approxiately the 8th century and was made pop... Read More »

What does a christian mother do before her baby is born?

How to Be a Christian Teen Dealing With Non Christian Friends?

It's hard to stand for what you believe in, but it can be even harder when you are standing for Christ in this world of secularism and just downright evils. It can be even more hard when you are a ... Read More »

Where does the surname Christian originate?

The name Christian is French in origin, coming from from the Old French personal name Christian, and was introduced into England after the Norman conquest of 1066. The name ultimately derives from ... Read More »