What does it take for folks to get off the funk of their vertical?

Answer A starry starry lastnight, great company, good music, and somewhere in there were a couple Michelob lights. ;D

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In Active Directory I see folks using as the domain. Does that mean they host their own website?

FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name DNS cannot resolve Bobs Burger but it can resolve Bobs Spend some time learning about DNS/DHCP

Why do some folks paint the front door to their homes red.?

Do blind people see their dreams And do colour blind folks see their dreams in black and white?

How to Take Apart Vertical Blinds?

When you decide to take apart your vertical blinds, you'll need to take them down from the window first. You may want to take apart your blinds to fix them, or maybe you just need to wash them. Som... Read More »