What does it means when a baby stands up bend over and look between her legs?

Answer It means that the baby is playing and trying to look at u differently as it is bored of you

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What does "P.S." means and stands for in emails and letters?

P.S. stands for Post Script It is used when u wrote a message on a telegram or postcard and u forgot to mention an important information.The u write P.S. at the end of the message (after writing yo... Read More »

If you were to bend down and look in the space between your legs?

If ultrasound scans can see inside baby's heart and brain, why can't they tell the sex if baby's legs crossed?

Omg I dont know!!! Shall ask my physicsy husband....He says: coz ultrasound see surfaces that are surrounded by liquids. When the legs are crossed there is too much skin together and not enough liq... Read More »

Baby was breech at US and tech saw 2 lines and said she thought it was a girl because try as she may she just couldn't see boy parts the turtle. Baby's legs were open as well. thoughts?

on average they tend to hold their bottle at 8 months mine was 6 months but it all depends on how well they co ordinate using hand and mouth.