What does it means presence of mucus threads on pediatric patients?

Answer It could be an indication of Liver infections, such as hepatitis Biliary cirrhosis Gallstones Anatomic abnormalities of the intestines or bile ducts present at birth (congenital) Inborn errors of ... Read More »

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How to Treat Asthma in Pediatric Patients?

Your child may have restrictive airway disease, otherwise known as asthma, but it is a common problem and if you know how to treat asthma in pediatric patients, you can work to control the conditio... Read More »

How to Make Your Pediatric Waiting Room Favorable for Your Little Patients?

There is an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm in young children. They are always in the exploration mode of anything and everything in their surroundings. Their imagination can entertain the... Read More »

Wht does TMT asking it related to medical test done for heart patients.. plz reply.?

TMT - Treadmill Test -- Stress induced Electrocardiogram TMT is the most widely used test in the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease. It involves recording the 12-lead ECG before, during, and afte... Read More »

Whats the difference between plumbing pipe threads and conduit pipe threads?

Answer Plumbing pipe threads are squared and conduit pipe threads are tapered.