What does it mean when you've raptured your ear drum?

Answer It means your ear drum has gone to Heaven and the rest of your body will be left here on Earth to duke it out with the forces of Hell.

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How do you know when youve broken your hand?

When you can't possibly move it whatsoever, and when you touch something it brings great pain, it also turns a green/bluishcolor, you should also get some x-rays.Hope that Helps

When I am Raptured will my Hair Piece come with me?

Actually, I think it's the other way around. Jesus will grab you by the hair, and end up holding your toupee!

What does it mean when your ipad2 comes with wifi and does that mean you can use it out of the country even without wifi spots?

What does it mean when your not having cramps and your on your period?

Not everyone gets cramps, and they aren't always the same, sometimes fierce and sometimes non-existant. There is nothing to worry about, this is absolutely normal.