What does it mean when your urine is white?

Answer your about to start your periodyour about to start your periodIt depends if you are talking cloudy white then your bladder is sloughing off skin cells because you have a bladder infection. Drink lo... Read More »

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Too many white cells in urine for a diabetic?

White blood cell casts – associated with acute interstitial nephritis, exudative glomerulonephritis, or severe pyelonephritis.Consult a Nephrologist.

How to Remove Urine Stains in White Clothing?

When urine ends up on white clothing, it can be difficult to remove. Not only does the yellow stain need to be removed, but so does the odor. Pre-soaking the clothing, as well as machine washing it... Read More »

Is it true that when you are pregnant that there are little white floaters is your urine?

Answer Not necessarily. That could also be a kidney or bladder infection.

How to Clean Urine Stains Out of White Grout?

Urine stains and odor can be difficult to remove from grout and tile floors. The uric acid crystals found in urine can be broken up only with an enzyme-based cleaning product. Normal chemical clea... Read More »