What does it mean if both palms itch?

Answer I had this happen when I ate too much movie popcorn. Never had it happen before. I researched it and there is an additive to movie popcorn that some people are allergic to, and it can cause the pal... Read More »

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When your pregnant does your vagina burn and itch when you urine?

It sounds like you could have a UTI or yeast infection. Both are very common in pregnancy. Just call your Dr and tell them what is happening.

What do it mean when your clitoris is a little swallow and it itch a little?

Does your stomach start to itch when you are pregnant?

answerMine itched terribly when I was pregnant. It was from my skin stretching. Get a really good lotion like Eucerin or something with vitamin E and rub it on your belly a couple times a day. It w... Read More »

What causes an itch and why does it go away when you scratch it?

Itching is a reaction to an outside stimulus and is generally caused by the release of histamine by our immune system which causes infammation, which then causes itching.It's thought that scratchin... Read More »