What does it mean when your middle finger itches?

Answer On One Hand: Itching Is Typically A Minor ProblemAn itchy middle finger is typically caused by a minor problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, itchy skin is most commonly caused by dry skin. Dry ski... Read More »

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What does it mean when the palm of your right hand itches?

i think Jessia is wrong - you dont masturbate enough..:-)

What does it mean if your nipple itches?

It means its time for you to take a shower

What does it mean when ur nose is crooked?

it's called having a 'deviated septum' and you can either live with it or go see a doctor and have them fix it. lots of guys have nose injuries and never get it fixed, its really not a big deal unl... Read More »

What could a very small purplish rash on your neck that itches only when touched or dry be?

Answer could be a mild form of eczema caused by some costume jewelry (nickel allergy) or any faux elements (non-gold/platinum/silver). try cortisone to moisturize and lighten the skin.