What does it mean when an infant's muscles are inflamed?

Answer On One Hand: Nothing SeriousInflamed muscles in any age group could result from physical trauma or overuse. An infant's muscles could become inflamed if he has recently fallen or is trying to learn... Read More »

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What does a chronic eye twitch mean?

They say when your left eye does that, your'e going to get mad as hell about something.

What do people mean by switching workouts to trick your muscles?

don't want to get the muscles used to the same routine. If a vato always does a bunch press, he needs to switch it up and do a military press or incline or something like that.

If your paralyzed from the neck down and you have a seizure does your body still twitch or just your head?

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Does your eyelid or area around your eye twitch?

I get that too, it sure feels like everyone can see it, but when I ask, they say they can't tell...go figure! I hate it, it's so annoying!