What does it mean when your middle finger itches?

Answer On One Hand: Itching Is Typically A Minor ProblemAn itchy middle finger is typically caused by a minor problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, itchy skin is most commonly caused by dry skin. Dry ski... Read More »

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What does it mean when the palm of your right hand itches?

i think Jessia is wrong - you dont masturbate enough..:-)

What does it mean if your nipple itches?

It means its time for you to take a shower

What could a very small purplish rash on your neck that itches only when touched or dry be?

Answer could be a mild form of eczema caused by some costume jewelry (nickel allergy) or any faux elements (non-gold/platinum/silver). try cortisone to moisturize and lighten the skin.

Why does my skin get red when it itches?

Yes What type cleanser or Moisturizer you using because thisSymptoms looks Allergic reaction on something your applyingon your skin use fragrance free and gentle product Harsh products like acne me... Read More »