What does it mean when your ear is ringing?

Answer Doctors call ear ringing or hearing strange noises in the ear head tinnitus. The causes of ear ringing are as simple as poor hygiene to a chronic medical condition. About 20 percent of the populati... Read More »

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What does it mean when a child's ears are ringing?

Is your child complaining of ringing ears? This can be a very common occurrence that will go away by itself. There are many possible causes.Common CausesCommon causes of ringing ears (tinnitus) in ... Read More »

What does a periodic ringing of the ears mean?

Tinnitus, my friend.Your hair cells within your cochlea are being over-worked by too many sounds. It is one of the first signs of hearing loss. Try to keep your music down when listening with headp... Read More »

How do you add music when someone is calling your phone and when your phone is Ringing?

it is called a ringback tone, it is more stupid than putting a song as your outgoing voicemail recording.. but to each his own I guess... you get it by contacting your provider and paying a monthly... Read More »

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