What does it mean when your cursor moves all by itself?

Answer the matrix has you

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Cursor moves but won't click on anything?

Sounds like Mallware, Spyware.Depending how plagued your PC is. It's probably time for a reformat, and make sure you have such programs to stop the infections.

Razer lachesis cursor moves when ı click?

call the maker of the computer they will help you ove the phone

How come when i run my finger over the mousepad the cursor moves, but when i run a pencil over it, it doesn't?

It must be your magnetic personality!! Good question - sorry couldn't give a better answer!

My cursor moves in opposite direction even though I move the mouse the correct way?

Olaf has pointed you to the right direction. It sounds like your mouse has not been configured for the desk top and is receiving "confusing signals"Try that first and pay attention to the control ... Read More »