What does it mean when your blood sugar level is 123?

Answer If it relates to post-prandial blood sugar level (2 hours after taking food), then it is normal i.e., up to 140 mg/dL.Diabetes is diagnosed with the following blood tests:--* Fasting blood glucose ... Read More »

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When a friend of mine was told she had diabetes her blood sugar was 22. What was your sugar level?

There are different ways of measuring blood sugar. Those in the US use mg/dl. Others use mmol/l. A blood sugar of 22 mmol/l is equivalent of 396 mg/dl (to convert, you multiply it by 18). My husban... Read More »

My blood sugar level is 8.6 what is the normal level?

under 6. People in US use mgl and under 110 (or 100 depending on who you ask) is normal. In other countries they use mmol, hence the reading of 8.6. It's not just the poster that needs educating!!!... Read More »

What is the level of blood sugar?

Your body typically converts the food you eat into energy you use. It does this by changing the food into sugar and releasing it into your bloodstream. Then insulin transports the sugar from your b... Read More »

What should your blood sugar level be?

Glucose, also known as blood sugar, provides energy for the body. Doctors use the fasting blood glucose test to identify abnormal amounts of glucose in the blood. The University of Michigan Health ... Read More »