What does it mean when your back pops?

Answer On One Hand: Gases EscapingThe popping sound heard when you twist your back or have a chiropractic adjustment may come from gases in the joint. Air bubbles can surround the joint in the synovial fl... Read More »

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Do you drink more diet pops than regular pops?

Every time I turn off my pc and turn it back on later a 2 black screens pops up...?

Did You Recently Add hardware to your computer ? If so it is conflickting with winodws and that will Prompt That Boot up Screen this screen is also if your Pc resarted by it's self Or not shut do... Read More »

My jaw pops whenever i eat?

You have a TMJ disorder and the sound is due to a part of the jaw joint called the articular disk becoming forced out of joint when your teeth come together and then popping back into joint when yo... Read More »

How to Use "Pops a Dent"?

Simoniz "Pops-a--Dent" is a tool intended to remove minor dents and dings from the sides of automobiles. The unit comes in a variety of sizes that are intended to remove dents of various depths. Th... Read More »