What does it mean when your Skype number of contacts changed?

Answer Hey!If you had 9 contacts from the beginning then, if your friend blocked you that would make your contact list 8, now that your friend have unblocked you again and added you again. It is 9. If non... Read More »

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Skype Question Do my contacts have to be logged into Skype for me to see them online?

It's only when they log into skype. You can set it so that no one see's that you are logged into skype though, so just because skype says they are not there does not mean they aren't, it just may m... Read More »

How much have contacts changed?

While contact lenses may seem like a marvel of modern science, both the idea and the actual use of them are significantly older. As a result, contact lenses have changed a lot over the years.Origi... Read More »

How to Ask for Skype Contacts?

If you use Skype software to make voice calls over the Internet, your "Skype contacts" are fellow Skype users with whom you can communicate for free via Skype by voice call, video call, or instant... Read More »

How to Add Contacts to Skype?

Before you decide to add another contact to your Skype contacts you must know some information about your contact. The more accurate information you know about a person you are about to add the fas... Read More »