What does it mean when your RP level is high in q quantitative blood test?

Answer If the child has a fever more then 3 days you should seek a doctor. Children's dose of Tylenol is OK to give the child, but DO NOT give the child Aspirin - it is strongly indicated in Reye's Syndro... Read More »

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What are normal RF quantitative blood test results?

The RF, or rheumatoid factor, test is used to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis. Normal levels of RF often indicate that a person does not have rheumatoid arthritis, while high levels may indicate... Read More »

What can help my dad, has a high level level of ammonia in blood?

The hospital will have to test him for reasons why the ammonia levels are elevated. One common reason for high ammonia levels is a liver issue. There may or may not be a connection with the metfo... Read More »

Can I be pregnant if my blood test said hcg level was 2?

HCG levelA hCG level of two is very low, one you would expect in the first few days of pregnancy or after a baby has died. Im having that same issue, My HCG Blood test level was a "2" also and Im ... Read More »

What does a high hdl level in the blood mean?

Cholesterol plays a vital role in your health, as it works to sustain bodily functions and produce cell membranes and various hormones. Cholesterol is naturally present in the bloodstream and cells... Read More »