What does it mean when you wear a ring on your right-hand pinkie?

Answer If you are wearing a ring on your right-hand pinkie, it means you are celebrating independence and happiness. Both married and single women wear right-hand rings, and the target demographic for the... Read More »

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Would you wear a toe ring?

How to Wear a Wedding Ring?

Your wedding ring is a symbol of love, trust, dedication, loyalty, and maybe even religion or faith. Wearing your ring also signals clearly to others that you and your spouse are fully committed to... Read More »

On which fingers can men wear a ring?

A man's wedding ring is traditionally worn on his left ring finger. This tradition dates back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, who thought there was a vein that ran directly from this finger to... Read More »

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

The Claddagh ring can be used as a wedding ring, a friendship ring, or simply an eye-catching piece of jewelry. However, the way you wear your Claddagh ring can show whether you're single, or are l... Read More »