What does it mean when you smell flowers after someone dies?

Answer On One Hand: You're Near FlowersDeath does not smell like flowers; in fact, death would probably smell exactly the opposite of flowers. (Actually, there are flowers called "corpse flowers" that hav... Read More »

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What does RWG mean when someone dies?

How long does it take for there to be a headstone after someone dies?

It depends on the cemetery. Some cemeteries will erect the headstone as soon as it is completed. Most will not cement the headstone securely in place for at least four months so that the ground can... Read More »

Does estate have to pay remaining dish network contract when someone dies?

Not unless you both resided in the same household. If so, you owe.

What do you when someone dies on a sub?

No, by no means. There are several superpowers. China for instances is very powerful militarily and their influence in trade has risen dramatically in the last ten years. Russia does not have the m... Read More »