What does it mean when you send a yellow&orange lily together?

Answer The orange lily symbolizes passion, and the yellow lily symbolizes gaiety, happiness or cheerfulness. So when the two are sent together, it could mean that you are passionate about the recipient an... Read More »

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What does soft ball stage mean when boiling water&sugar together?

Soft-ball stage is used to measure the temperature of a syrup in candy making. At, this stage, a drop of the sugar syrup will form into a soft ball. Upon removal from the cold water, the ball will ... Read More »

What does the saying"gilding the lily"mean?

The expression "gilding the lily" means adding ornamentation or improvement where none is needed. The saying is a paraphrase of lines from Shakespeare's 1595 play "King John": "To gild refined gold... Read More »

What Does Deadheading a Calla Lily Mean?

Calla lilies aren't true lilies, and feature tighter, more tube-shaped flowers than their namesakes. These plants, closely related to Jack in the pulpit plants, do best in full, bright sunshine, lo... Read More »

Silly question what does Send IM mean?

Its to send your instant message to who you are chatting to but be lazy and just hit enter. lol