What does it mean when you run a cumputer scan and it says error with regestry?

Answer The registry can be corrupted. Get AVAST. It is FREE and it can scan your computers and rebuild the registry so it worls flawlessly.Here is the link…

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LG Smart Scan LSM-100 install error?

Hi,I have looked around the net but didn't find anything relating to that problem so I suggest contacting LG for technical support :-…Arnak

Why is it when i do an error-checking it won't scan the hard drive?

It can NOT scan a running drive a the moment it starts accessing the drive it would crash the Windows system. So you need to turn on BOTH check boxes for fixing errors, and then confirm you want it... Read More »

I have a canon mp280 and wont scan. error code 5,202,54?

Here is a sites that will help you with your Cannon Printer...… this site will help with re... Read More »

Registry error scan - are they all scams, or does a useful, reputable application for this exist?

Yes, they are real and I feel they ARE helpful. They remove any erroneous entries (like from old programs that are uninstalled) and keep the registry clean.I prefer CCleaner by Pirform, as it also ... Read More »