What does it mean when you measure post-gestation during pregnancy?

Answer Answer Most single pregnancies grow at 1 centimeter per week of gestation when measuring from the pubic bone to the top or fundus of the uterus. If the numbers are close then not to worry, if off s... Read More »

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What does it mean when you have low iron and high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Answer Well first if your iron is low you are anemic *not sure if that is how you spell it* you just need some iron pills they are not the best in the world to take they are like horse pills but th... Read More »

What does it mean to be dilating during pregnancy?

When you are dilating during labor, this means your cervix is opening more and softening to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. Your cervix will be ready to pass the baby through once y... Read More »

What does it mean if you are a teenager and you vomit during pregnancy?

This is perfectly normal. It is caused by the hormones during pregnancy

If you are bleeding during your pregnancy what does that mean?

It could mean that you are miscarrying (losing the baby), so it is important to go to the hospital straight away